New Jersey, Delaware & Maryland

In the Roman Catholic Church, Confirmation is one of the seven Sacraments. All I remember about it is that you get to pick a saints name to add on to your real name ( I chose Saint Barbra, spelled like Streisand), and you also are considered old enough to decide wether or not you want to keep on believing and going to church. Oh yeah, they give you a special pen too. I never got the pen though because I never set foot in church ever again (plus my Grandmother says it would probably fall down around me). That was ten years ago, yet it was amazing how quickly I recited every line of every prayer I ever learned, including the ten commandments, when we got pushed twenty five miles off shore in some really scary wind. I was convinced this was my end, down The Maelstrom. I, along with shelves, pots & pans, etc; were being thrown and bobbed around. It was loud, uncomfortable, wet and disorienting. Colby was harnessed down on deck, I wrapped myself in a sleeping bag and stuffed myself into a little cubby area to just keep in one place for awhile. It was, for me, the worst encounter with nature I have ever experienced. I'm over it though, die another day!

We tucked into this little place for a few days called Delaware City. We stayed at Delaware City Marina, where we were able to take hot showers and do the laundry. I love the lending library that the majority of marinas have. I've already read two books on this trip and thought I might start a traveling book club. Someone picks up a book I leave behind, reads it, then responds to my little note on the inside cover, resulting in an electric book discussion, hopefully. There were two bars in Delaware City: 'Crabby Dicks' (the marina gave us a card for a "free pair of balls" aka crab cake balls here) and 'Lewinskys on Clinton (avenue).....get it? Not only did we make friends with the colorful characters of the town, but my best friend from the Green Mountain College days, Ashley Connor, came down from Philadelphia to see us! So there we were at Lewinsky's on Clinton drinking craft beers and hanging with the locals. One gentleman introduced himself as Marvelous, I asked if he was named after Marvelous Marvin Hagler and his jaw dropped: "Girl, nobody has ever known where my name comes from!" We also witnessed one of the greatest karaoke nights ever, it was hosted by a drag queen named 'Anita Mann'. Our favorite thing about Delaware City was the sense of camaraderie between all the different kinds of folks living and working there.

Upon leaving Delaware City we went through the C&D Canal and spent a night anchored in the Sassafras River, followed by two nights in Warton Creek...which was kind of spooky because we found out that a kid from Washington College, thirteen minutes away, had stolen a gun from his parents and put the town and college in panic mode....well, he did himself in and they found him in the woods. Eerie, but at least a pretty sunset.

So I was happy to get out of there and onward we went through the night to Saint Michaels, Maryland. We arrived at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum late morning and Colby made all the arrangements to dock right there at the museum!

Here is Jenny all docked at CBMM and looking pretty with that pink moon rising behind her. These photos were taken by the marina manager, Ed. Ed was so helpful in letting the archivist know that we were coming into town and that Colby was seeking information about Thomas Gilmer, who designed Jenny. As I write to you, we are docked in the same spot and the moon has just risen. What I love about this place is that we are inside the museum grounds after hours and that is too magical. The town church bells are playing a tune now, as they do on every hour in Saint Michael's. Today I met Jim & Margy, long time close friends of Colby's family. In a way we were celebrating Thanksgiving a day early, a lovely lunch (Oyster Po' Boy!) and conversation. I was so thankful that they offered to drive us a couple miles out of town to a nice grocery store, where Colby and I bought supplies for our   Thanksgiving afloat. Actually, we are planning on having a little campfire and dinner on an island tomorrow.
Thanksgiving Dinner Menu: 
* grocery store cooked chicken
* homemade cranberry sauce
*corn bread stuffing 
*herbed mash potatoes 
*kobocha squash souffle 
*rum & pineapple cocktails 


    I'll permit those wandering eyes (and paws) this time Colby, 
because it is a good story...


Today we went to the CBMM library where Lynne, the collections manager, was able to find original line drawings and boat plans of Thomas Gilmer's (remember, he designed the Jenny Ives). They were all hand drawn and Colby was in heaven.

And just some cutie things from Saint Michael's

A Happy Thanksgiving to all from Saint Michael's, Maryland!

Happy Birthday to Big Jim and Barbara Frances on November 27th!

Happy Birthday to Pasha on November 30th! 

love from,