New York, New York!

We were somewhere in Rhode Island bound for NYC when a group of dolphins started following and playing alongside the boat! According to the Eldridge Tide & Pilot Book, dolphins following your boat is a sign of good luck as is stepping aboard with your right foot first. Whistling a tune will help call upon wind, but be careful because you can whistle up a full gale if you are too excessive. Be sure to not set sail on a Friday and never bring flowers aboard. Don't let me catch you carrying your boots over your shoulder. A black cat is an acceptable boat pet and dogs are neutral, but if you catch it sniffing around fishing gear, be careful. If you are walking towards the dock and a redhead or a barefooted woman cross your path, be sure to speak to them before they say anything to you. Ye be warned. 

Continuing on...

Well there we go through NYC! After recovering from a two day bout with seasickness it was nice to sit on deck and see the city from the water. The scent of laundry and Chinese food mingling together made its way to me. Though we didn't get to see her, we went right past a NYU medical building where my sister was interviewing for college (I was told later that she didn't like NYU or NYC, phew..good girl!). I was hoping to see my best friend and favorite drag diva Peter, but he was preparing for sinus surgery. So along we went and wound up in Coney Island. The weather started to turn as you can see below: 

So we ended up hunkering down in Coney Island Creek. Quite the experience. What a sight to see Colby effortlessly maneuver Jenny Ives through the shallow mouth of the creek. The shore was lined with all kinds of folks fishing and laughing, watching us settle in to what was going to be "home" for the next week. There were many abandoned and half submerged boats (and a yellow submarine!) in the creek, which were leftovers from Hurricane Sandy. The amount of trash floating around us was absolutely disgusting and I became slightly paranoid when I saw a hypodermic needle float by. Getting into the dinghy to go to shore felt like a health risk...can I catch anything if this water sprays me or gets into my mouth?! Even though we were looking forward to getting the hell out of there, we did have some fun encounters. Tony at Marina 55 told us "ya can't just leave ya' dinghy hea'...what if somebody steals ya dinghy? what if somebody stabs ya' dinghy, dude?" Did you read that sentence in a New York accent? I hope so. He also had no idea where Maine was..."That South Boston?" The cute little Indian man at a convenience store asked if Colby and I were from Canada. We asked how he could tell we weren't from around here, his response: "you smile too much!" I noticed that swishy track suits are still very much in style in New York City. At the grocery store, the couple in front of us got into an argument regarding which one was the bigger "lazy ass with no job". Pump the breaks New Yorkers! 

And save the best for last: 

Here we are with Michael, the pizzaiolo at Totonno's on Neptune Ave in Coney Island. He made the best pizza we have possibly ever eaten...and we eat a lot of pizza.  The place has been around since 1924, they use a coal oven and it is sweet and oh so simple. Considered to be one of the best pizza places in NYC (and maybe the world), the walls were covered with old photographs and excerpts from cookbooks and magazines that glorified the pizza parlor. There were also signed photographs from famous Totonno's fans, my favorite was from The Ramones! 
Date night Coney Island Style! 

love, rachael.