The Beginning..

 Colby and Rachael, two left handers. We met back in two thousand eight in Kennebunk Maine, I was in art school and Colby was at The Landing School, building boats. There is still debate to if our first meeting was at a male dominated house party or at the grocery store. Either way, we connected but did not keep steady contact and a few years later a gypsy fortune teller was to foretell of our companionship (" already know each other..but now he must sail the seas, the time will be right when you meet again on familiar soil...") as well as some other strangely accurate tea leaf prophecies. I'm superstitious. As predicted, we got together and spent over a year in a ice castle of a farmhouse honing our crafts, exploring ideas and eating a lot of delicious homemade food. Free spirits must wander. So that brings us to where we are now, which is sailing and occasionally motoring down the East Coast en route to the Bahamas. 

  • Jenny Ives is a 37 ft Gaff Ketch built in 1981 in Boothbay Harbor Maine by Roy Blaney
  • Designed by Thomas Gilmer
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Here are my favorite photographs from a two week long cruise Colby and Pasha (Pashenka Antipov/Prince of Portland/Italian Greyhound/darling furry child) and I took from Camden to BoothBay. Though Pasha is not along for this winter trip you can tell by his photograph that he is comfortable and enjoys the sun and sights. Once while walking a desolate road in Brooklin Maine, a woman from Canada stopped to give us ride into the town center. We weren't even hitchhiking, she had simply noticed Pasha prancing around Maine Maritime a couple days prior, figured we were cruising the coast, and wanted to show some kindness. He is a real conversation starter and attention getter, he knows how to calm me and helps me to see the world in a positive way. I love you and miss you Pashenka!