Hard Travelin', Hard Ramblin', Hard Gamblin

Hello to Everybody from Hollywood, Florida!

First off, I know it has been two days over a month since my last post but really, I have been to Hell and back to bring you all this next blog! Let me explain....

Although I swore up and down that I didn't leave the computer charger at the coffee shop in Beaufort, NC...Apparently, I really did. Thankfully Landi at the Cru Coffee Bar mailed it to us here in Hollywood. Thanks Landi! 

Then, the computer had some kind of glitch and would not let me sign on to my e-mail, which must be accessed in order to write the blog. 


I hoofed it 2.1 miles to the Digital Remedy Repair Shop, where the glitch was fixed in two clicks. It was such an easy fix that they didn't even charge me. How nice. On my walk back I noticed a car horn honking. It was such frequent honking that I stopped a couple times to look around (maybe it was Colby in the rental car?). After a mile or so I noticed that the honking was from a flashy Volkswagen. Then I realized that the man driving was trying to get my attention...I don't know what language he was speaking but this man was hanging out his window, beeping at me, maneuvering his vehicle through the crazy street patterns to try to talk to me. I wasn't scared though, because: 

1. This was a crowded part of town
2. I carry a knife (thanks Dad!)
3. I smell absolutely terrible, my stench/sweat would scare him off 

Was I mistaken for a prostitute? I have never seen a strumpet strutting down the street in Teva strap sandals, yoga shorts, braided pigtails (held up with homemade chopsticks), and an L.L. Bean knapsack... 

Well, this guy finally found a side street and there he was (yes, he honked to announce his presence) hanging out of his car calling me "Mami".....Now, I could have really let some colorful language fly but I really, truly wasn't in the mood to deal with this chauvinist pig. So I did what I do when Pasha goes pee-pee somewhere he shouldn't: I put one hand on my hip, the other hand I pointed right at his face, and in a stern voice I said "NO!"....It worked.


Charleston, SC was uneventful (except for a great campfire, rides in the car, and delicious peanut butter from Colbys Landing School buddy, Patrick!) Due to good weather, Colby decided to sail straight through down to Florida...So that is where I will start.

They don't have this sign in Maine...

Titusville, FL
You can see Colby inside the store, I just noticed this!

An Iguana...
These things, along with other terrifying creatures roam the streets of Florida

My brother sent me this very appropriate response to the iguana photo:


One night, after a few half price beers in Vero Beach, Florida
Colby and I decided that walking three miles to the grocery store was a good idea...
We needed a cab for our way back to Jenny Ives
I used Colby's cell (with 1% battery left!) 
and found:
JIMBOY transportation 
which I chose because it made me think of Big Jim, Colbys dad
though it took me over five minutes to explain where we were located
(how did the battery last?!)
the cab lady picked us up 
and this conversation happened:

Me: Thanks so much for picking us up! 
Cab Lady: Oh no problem, glad I could find you!
Me: So, I love the name..is Jim Boy your husband?
Cab Lady: Oh Nah, my husband is Chuck and he is delivering a dog to California...Jimboy means:
Jesus Is My Boss, Oh Yeah! 

The cab really was heaven sent...it was only a three dollar ride!
((Hey Big Jim & Deborah! Missing you both and your radiant floors and delicious Sunday night dinners!))

Here is another sign you don't see in Maine. 
It made me laugh because as a little kid I remember my mother commenting on my fathers weight and motions, saying he looked like a manatee. 

Speaking of...

Happy Birthday Dad! 

Here is the manatee himself, holding his grandson Pasha, 
who clearly is not thrilled with the weather.
Love & Thanks for everything Dad.

Another Happy (belated) Birthday 

To my best friend & brother,  JUNIOUR! 

This photograph is as close as I can get to a birthday cheers with my brother.
Us four years ago at Boston Symphony Hall
during intermission, sipping
Champagne & Courvoisier
at a Joan Baez & Kris Kristofferson concert
Love you June!

The MIAMI Road Trip 
(en route to Japanese Gardens/Venice/Englewood)

There are only two reasons why I wanted to see Miami, and those reasons are: My sister Emily's obsession with the city and Al Pacino..or, his role in Scarface. Colby has friends all over the world as many of you know, and it was no surprise that he had a couple of friends in Miami. Colby rented a car and off we went. We stopped in the city of Surfside so Colby could get a haircut (so handsome!) and then we cruised around Miami listening to Miami themed hip-hop songs before meeting up with Andrew and Molly, who Colby grew up with in Cape and now live in Miami, they were the greatest and most hilarious of hosts!

Can you believe that Andrew and Molly had a framed photo of our old farmhouse in their apartment!? It is an aerial photograph of the Beach to Beacon 10k road race. Homesick.

On to South Beach Miami...

I think I am a a clairvoyant, so this spoke to me

The Versace Mansion
 where Italian Fashion designer Gianni Versace was killed on his own front steps

ESPN Studio Lounge

These women dance in thongs, headpieces, and five inch heels
on a platform at a restaurant/bar.
I hope they are strong and making more than minimum wage for this..

Remember the scene from the movie where Tony Montana's buddy 
gets the chainsaw from the Columbians in the hotel bathroom? 
Well thats where this photo was taken. 

East to West Coast of Florida

My first Alligator sighting! 
the only thing more exciting than seeing this beast
was the $1.50 empanada's in the gas station parking lot!


Here is Colby happily perched on the back of his Hantie's car,
showing off all the provisions from Sams Club.

Provisions include:
1 Pound beef jerky
Lots of chocolate 
16 cans Tuttorusso tomatoes (Colby loves my marinara)
40 packages of Ramen
Case of Busch Beer (all Colby on that one)

We had great dinners, provisioned, slept in a big comfy bed, 
took showers and did laundry.
Meredith even let me wear an old housecoat 
which in case you don't know what that is, 
it is a neck to toe zippered fleece outfit
Loved it.
Colby cringed and asked if I was ready 
to retire and move to Japanese Gardens.

Me:  Florida, No..Retire in a housecoat, Yes.

And thank you to all the Auntie's of Japanese Gardens 
Judith, Susan, Carolyn, Nancy

What are the odds of this?
Our family friend Janet and her dog Sassafras live exactly fourteen minutes from 
Japanese Gardens! 

Janet lives in Maine in the summer and Englewood, Florida in the winter
She has been a part of my family since I was a little kid.
She calls me Flower Child
and regarding large rear-ends (a hereditary effect my sister Emily & I are familiar with) 
she says:
"the boys like it" (in a Long Island accent)

In other news:

befriending a boobie bird 

He has no fear


Scenes from the Galley:

Breakfast of baked, stuffed avocados with homemade pico

Skillet pizzas with homemade dough and marinara.

Crafts Aboard

Colby carves a perfect marinara spoon

I carve into firewood to make woodblock prints

and some whittled hair sticks
(creative alternative to buying hair elastics!)


A storm is rolling in now here in Hollywood. 

"Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet"
-Thich Naht Hanh

With Love,
Colby & Rachael