Captain's Log

February 2nd, 2016 Port Everglades, FL to West End, Grand Bahama Island

0800hrs postion:
LAT: 26 24' 10" N
LON: 079 20' 12" W
21nm to West End Point
Wind: ESE 8kts
Sails/ENG: Mizzen, Stays'l, M/E 1500rpm

1045hrs position:
Out of the gulf stream viciousness/current..holding a more true course...
Pinching upwind in small 2ft waves
Beautiful purplish-dark indigo blue, deep water, flying fish abound, nature's own air-conditioning, less humid than Florida!
Paul & Jen in cockpit with boat steering herself.
Rachael is making a quick meal of gnocchi with marinara sauce
Last night I had the pleasure of seeing the moon rise over the water around 3am- plump, tangerine in shape and!
Soon became tired and Rachael took the wheel, relieving me for maybe two hours or more, keeping a steady course over the north-flowing 2kt gulf stream current, while I took some shut eye in the bean bag.
Luckily Rachael was quite content and wide awake with a belly full of coffee and dark chocolate.
I am proud of Rachael for successfully dialing in, and holding a steady course on an offshore gulf stream passage...she is a pretty good companion onboard and off.

1500hrs position: Cleared in @ West End. Customs and Immigration granting each of our 4 crew members 90 days in the beautiful Bahamas