Great Sale Sailing & Green Turtle Cay


We spent just one night on the West End of Grand Bahama Island. 
Shortly after we cleared at customs, locals began to show up offering taxi rides, lobsters,
boat work and so on. 

 In the morning Colby spoke with other sailors regarding the narrow, shallow passage that we would encounter en route to Great Sale Cay. 
The word "Cay" by the way, is pronounced Key. 

I do not know exactly what this is called, but he was doing it!
Notice the fishing rod to the left? We only caught sea grass that day, but 
big hopes for Mahi Mahi soon.

Turquoise waters...a first for me and Jenny Ives

Captain mans the dinghy alongside Jenny while I take pictures 

We anchored at Great Sale Cay for two nights, 
an uninhabited island, while waiting out a heavy blow. 

Green Turtle Cay
on Abaco Island 

Our first Bahamian village/town experience!
We are anchored in White Sound of GTC, the town of 
New Plymouth is a three mile walk from the dinghy dock, 
but we have been offered a ride every time from locals. 

Mon Capitaine on the loose in New Plymouth 
he had just found a package of Backwoods cigars on the road...
Does this pose remind anyone else of that Burt Reynolds/bearskin centerfold?

One of the sculptures in the Loyalist Memorial Sculpture Garden. 
The Bahamas was once under British rule but they gained complete
Independence in July of 1973.
Tea and biscuits are popular here.
Coffe is expensive. 

Town Jail
Currently unoccupied

Directions toward Gillam Beach

The buildings here are in Easter pastel colours.
The roads are winding and narrow 
golf carts, bikes, and even some cars share the tight road space

 I love coconuts!
They are growing wild and
 free for the taking here in the Bahamas.

At the New Plymouth Library.. 
These two local girls were following me, giggling and
very interested in the buttons, patches, etc on my L.L. Bean bag.
They really wanted to try out the whistle and mini tape measure.

New Plymouth, where the kids still ride around on banana seat bikes,
play marbles, hopscotch, and jumprope...
The little fella on the left told us that his neighbor 
has the same bike as him.
How do they tell the difference?
Thats easy...
His bike is faster.

Miss Emily's Blue Bee Bar
Miss Emily concocted a famous, potent rum drink back in the 1960's
The recipe is still a secret.
Captain Jerry from Inquieta, took this photo of us.

Leaving now through the Whale Channel 
anchoring in Great Guana Cay 
en route to Elbow Cay or
Marsh Harbour.