Hopetown, Man-O-War, Eleuthera & Lenny Kravitz

Colby found surf in Hopetown on Elbow Cay
Garbanzo Reef.

It took me a few moments before I realized that what I interpreted as "excited waving"
was actually Colby screaming for my attention,
He stepped on a bed of sea urchins.....
It took two weeks before all the little spikes came out of his foot.

You will never find a cold beer for cheaper than six dollars in the Abacos,
but you can find decent and affordable Bahamian and Haitian rum for $2-10!

The legal drinking age is 18 and you can walk 
around in public with open alcohol. 
Bahamians drive on the left side of the road and 
the garbage gets burned, also there is no recycling. 

Being around Bahamian kids is far more pleasant than being around American school age kids,
far more polite and personable. Local kids will not walk by you without offering a "Good Morning" or "Good Afternoon" or "How are you today?" 
I think the Bahamian people have more genuine spirit and emotion than anywhere I've ever been.
And I think that is because the people here aren't exposed to technology and pop culture to the extent that most Americans are.

I would say it is safe to hitchhike here
but before you even stick your thumb out somebody will pull up alongside and ask if you need a ride. 
Not everyone has a car around here so it is a nice system for both tourists and locals.  

Hopetown Police, Post Office and Commissioner

The crowded Hopetown Harbour

(we highly recommend Seaspray Marina)
that is a famous Bahamian lighthouse to the right of the frame

For months Colby asked “Where is the most protected harbor in the Bahamas?” 
Everyone he asked had their own idea and nobody ever gave him an accurate answer. 
From our own experience we say the most protected, peaceful (though somewhat crowded) harbor was 
American (a.k.a Northern) harbor, in Man-O-War Cay. 

We met the neighbor of the man who owned ‘Jenny Ives’ previously, he offered some “apprentice” work on an old boat,
 but we had to keep moving on...

The same man also suggested that humans have ruined the earth to the point of no return,
 to expect complete chaos in about forty years time. 
End of days talk truly ruins the mood, so Colby and I hopped in the dinghy out of there.

 Back home on land, I am proud of my low impact, simple lifestyle that I believe I lead,
 but am I really doing anything to help the planet?

…It is easy to feel like the world is beautiful when your backyard is Maine. 

Colby rescuing my jean shorts that fell overboard...

We anchored at sunset in beautiful 'Annie's bight' in Eleuthera.
Our trip to shore would involve dinghy-ing to the little beach 
then following the dirt road to the main road then hitchhike to Gregorytown.

The beach was small and tucked under palm trees
in the sand were crisp, white sand dollars
We climbed the rocks to a sandy path that led to a rolling green lawn covered 
in hundreds of palm trees (coconuts!) and banana trees.

At the end of the red dirt path we came to a tall wooden gate, which we walked around through some bushes and trees. We thought that the gate must be for show because it sure wasn't keeping anybody out

Later on,
when we told the local who offered us a ride home that we were getting off at the gate
he looked at us funny:

"How did ya all git troo da' gate?"

"We walked around it"

"Do ya know who house dis' is?"


"Lenny Kravitz, mon!"

I work here doh, I will let ya in da gate and take you
down to da beach, but don't come here until after two tomorra...white guy working',
he will kick ya out!"

Here I am with Scotty, a local who we met last weekend.
He and I are both originally from Brockton -The City of Champions.
Colby and I had a great, late night laughing and chatting with Scotty and his wife, Glena.
They even set us up in a beautiful house overlooking the cliffs for the night and
brought us out for breakfast the next morning!

from Brockton to Bahamas...
That's 'Hood Love.

The Hatchet Bay Caves
Archeologists discovered Ancient Lucayan remains inside.
The caves have been heavily vandalized
 but the warm, sunny field surrounding the cave is lovely
and a nice place to lay in the sun and read.

We have so much more to share with you all,
looking forward to talking more, at home. 


"We don't have to go anywhere to obtain the truth. 
We only need to be still and things will reveal themselves
in the clear water of our heart"

-Thich Naht Hanh