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First off, NO pretentious artist statement here. Quite simply, I make functional pieces out of smooth white stoneware clay. Sometimes I have a theme or image or certain shape in mind, other times I don't. Ideas are expressed not only through clay but also Holga photography, linocuts, and other crafts. Depending on the season, my studio moves. Currently I am making work in a boathouse along the New Meadows River. I also work as a production potter making high fire clay dory boat platters for Ash Cove Pottery in Harpswell, Maine. Sometimes I don't make pottery or crafts at all and instead spend my time contemplating life, cooking and cleaning aboard the prettiest wooden sailing ship in Maine, alongside my Captain partner. More on that at: 

I sell work at shoppes in Maine and Massachusetts 
and happily take commissions.

More info when it comes to me..


(207) 806-6936


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